Framing & drywall​

Framing & drywall

Framing is a specialized construction technique used to prepare a wall for installing drywall, or gypsum board. Because drywall sheets are manufactured .

all framing on which these boards, or sheets, will be installed must comply with specific dimensions. Otherwise, drywall sheets will all need to be custom cut to fit wall and ceiling studs, at additional cost in labor and material. To achieve framing at the most reasonable cost of material and labor,

Install wall studs according to conventional standards: 16″ from stud center to stud center. Plates for wall top and bottom, door and window double posts should also be installed, as typically done for general construction. As usual, install the first stud center 16″ from the bottom plate’s outside edge. Otherwise, all other measurements will be incorrect, making it necessary to cut each drywall sheet before installing it and creating extra labor and material expense

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